Rapid fat loss phases 101


Rapid fat loss phases are generally referred to as the phases one goes through, when one loses fat at a much faster rate compared to the general pace. The general pace is slow and progressive and accounts for about 0.25 to 1kg in a week for women and 0.25 to 1.2kgs for men. However, it also depends on the individual and the length and subjectivity of their diet plan. These factors play an important role in the routine. 

Every individual on the journey to fat loss tried to speed up the process and lose fat in the fastest way possible. This thought process can affect one's health due to several factors that include nutrition level, health issues, lifestyle, and their relationship with food. Most people fail to go ahead with the fat loss plan the right way. This blog shall talk about some of the practices and essentials in detail.

Rapid fat loss phase prerequisites

When an individual is going ahead with the plan of losing fat they need to make sure to have the right supervision and training to start. Experienced coaches and trainers who know what they are doing should be consulted. Accountability and reliability are important aspects that boost the morale of the person and keep them going in the weight loss journey which can be difficult at times.

The diet plan should always be based on the understanding of the person's blood work, biomarkers of their health, and checked pre and post-diet. This means a thorough knowledge of their medical history, if any, along with understanding their work and lifestyle and the requirements for the same. Investing time and effort to come up with a suitable dietary regime and have a huge impact. One also needs to keep in mind the importance of the nervous systems including the Sympathetic nervous system (SnS) and the Parasympathetic nervous system and their interrelation with the human body. A proper schedule that manages the aspects of sleep, stress, hunger, and the individual’s relationship with food needs to be maintained.

When it comes to old eating habits there can be a number of good practices that should be continued and the red flags done with. Irregular diet or consuming food that may adversely affect one’s health needs to be discarded. While working on a tight and strict schedule for fat loss can be unnerving at first. It could come off as a massive change in some people's lives and a good amount of effort might be required to stick to it. Motivation and encouragement help one in such times but one also should know when to step down and take it slow.

Our bodies function in a particular manner and follow habits. Breaking old habits and following new ones can be a hassle and the body may need its own time to follow through. That is when one should know to take it slow and not force the body to adapt to change. Realizing that dieting and hormonal changes are interrelated can give one a clearer picture. Stressing about the fat loss diet or the resultant regulations should not be forcefully imposed but come with acceptance.

These phases of weight loss call for a specific nature and are supposed to be short-termed. Going forward with the right knowledge and a clear picture can help one make the right choices.

Rapid Fat Loss methods

There are two methods that can be used to aim for rapid fat loss which are:

Tips to remember

The Rapid fat loss plan can be exhausting and difficult to stick to, but keeping some key points in mind can help one stay focused and not lose hope. Some of these include: